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To register and use the pharmacy services provided by Pharmacy Care Matters is FREE! Simply click here to complete our convenient consultation form or contact us on 0800 848 8801 and speak to one our pharmacy staff.

Opening Times

Monday to Friday      09.00 to 18.00

Saturday & Sunday   10.00 to 14.00

When we are closed we have an out of hours emergency pharmacy service for our registered patients.


About Us

Pharmacy Care Matters is a new breed of NHS pharmacy services provider.  We are a non-retail pharmacy service co-founded by a pharmacist and a nurse.  We believe traditional pharmacies are very focused on retail sales and profit, but do not prioritise a personal pharmacy service.

At Pharmacy Care Matters we recognise a personal service is foremost.  Our aim is to put the patient at the centre of what we do.  We believe it is important to provide a tailor-made pharmacy service that best meets the needs of our patients.

Pharmacy Care Matters focus on delivering our Community Pharmacy Service to patients (adults and children) with long-term medical conditions, patients with mental ill health and the elderly.  This unique pharmacy service will be delivered directly to the patient at their home. 

Pharmacy Care Matters Care Home Pharmacy Service is tailor-made so that it best meets the needs of the care home. Our pharmacy team have a wealth of experience in the care home sector and we believe we are uniquely placed to support and advise care homes on regulatory issues as well as train staff to current standards and legislation.  Pharmacy Care Matters co-founders between them have owned, managed and supported care homes.  They totally understand the pharmacy needs of care homes.

At a time when the NHS is undergoing vast structural change, Pharmacy Care Matters is designed to offer new ideas and methods of pharmacy care.  Our staff have years of experience in delivering effective pharmacy services to local communities and as patients needs evolve, our pharmacy service is designed to keep pace.

We run a fast expanding pharmacy service on the behalf of PCTs and healthcare commissioners.  These are individuals who need to be sure of the very highest standards in pharmacy service and governance.

Pharmacy Care Matters marks a complete cultural break with what has gone before.  Naturally, we strive to be caring, professional and thorough.  But more than that we work to earn your trust and confidence and across all our dealings, we aim to be honest, open and fair. 

We always put the patient at the centre of what we do and we want this to be the essence of Pharmacy Care Matters.  We recognise a personal service is foremost and believe it is important to provide a tailor-made pharmacy service that best meets the needs of our patients.

We recognise the importance of hassle-free communication between you and your pharmacy.  We also know that when there is a break-down in communication and poor medicines management then administration errors occur!  Therefore, at Pharmacy Care Matters from the very beginning we will assess your pharmacy needs and introduce you to your ‘KEY’ member of pharmacy staff.  They will be the primary person responsible for providing your pharmacy service.  Hence, they will be a familiar name and face to you and not just another person on the other end of the phone!